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We offer a range of services to individuals, groups, charities/social enterprises and communities including:

  • Engagement and Participation - a range of projects and activities targeting individuals experiencing social isolation, encouraging people to get involved, meet new people, make friends, share issiues and experiences, and most of all, have fun

  • Digital Inclusion - being able and confident to get online is increasingly important, particularly during lockdown, as it can help you to access essentil services, support and combat isolation and loneliness. We can provide support and equipment to help you become fully included in the online digital world.

  • Health and Wellbeing - a range of activities to support physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing including physical training, outdoor activities and social activities

  • Progression Routes - support for individuals wishing to 'move on' to achieve their goals, including support with benefits, housing, independent living, education, training, employment and self-employment

  • Social Enterprise and Community Group support - a range of support services including helping people come together to form groups, charities and social enterprises, organisational development and capacity-building, project and service development, how to finance your projects and fundraising training/support

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