We offer a range of services to individuals, groups, charities/social enterprises and communities including:

  • Engagement and Participation - a range of projects and activities targeting individuals experiencing social isolation, encouraging people to get involved, meet new people, make friends, share issiues and experiences, and most of all, have fun

  • Health and Wellbeing - a range of activities to support physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing including physical training, outdoor activities and social activities

  • Progression Routes - support for individuals wishing to 'move on' to achieve their goals, including support with benefits, housing, independent living, education, training, employment and self-employment

  • Social Enterprise and Community Group support - a range of support services including helping people come together to form groups, charities and social enterprises, organisational development and capacity-building, project and service development, how to finance your projects and fundraising training/support

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