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Celebrating 100 Years of Women having the Vote

As part of our women's empowerment support, we held a series of activities to celebrate the Centenary of women having the right to vote in the UK. The project included the creation of a celebration display, showcasing the achievements of local women in politics and civil life, along with a free film screening and talks from local female activitists, culminating in a range of bespoke support encouraging and empowering local women to participate in local community campaigns and political life.

Come Together

An 18-month project providing engagement and support for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a range of learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Delivered in partnership with the Inclusive Hub at the World-famous Rotunda Amateur Boxing Club, the project provides physical activities for young people based around movement and boxing training, to engage young people with their peers in small groups, encourage friendships and boost confidence and aspiration. The project also bring parents, carers and families together to share experiences, discuss issues and develop solutions, or simple have a break for a couple of hours and watch their loved ones participating and having fun.

Local People; Local Solutions

A project supporting people in disadvantaged communities to address issues that affect them in their own lives through group action. The project empowers individuals, helps them to come together and form action groups, identify issues, plan for action and deliver results. The support may include the formalisation of groups to establish social enterprises or charities, register assets as Assets of Community Value, raise funds for project delivery along with a range of other support as required.

Moving Forward
A project engaging local unemployed individuals to inspire and motivate them and support them towards achiving their goals. The project includes engagement through a range of exciting activities such as dance, boxing, outdoor pursuits, along with talks from high-profile local individuals who have overcome disadvantage to achieve great things. We support people through self-assessment, goal-setting, planning for success, and help participants access appropriate support for basic needs such as housing, income maximisation, childcare etc, as well as access to formal progression routes such as education, training, apprenticeships and employment or self-employment.
Resilience through Covid and Beyond
A 12-week project engaging local community activists and community group leasders. The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected those individuals and groups who were aldready disadvantaged in our communities, this has placed additional demand on the services of local community groups, in turn causing additional stress on the organisations themselves.
This programme will deliver group sessions and one-to-one support to participants, helping them to identify and priorities their immediate support needs during periods of government restrictions and reduced prticipation, and set into place plans to support their long-term resilience post Covid.

Body, Mind and Digital

A 12-week programme of yoga and mindfulness sessions aimed at unemployed women who may be considering further training and/or employment. The programme will aim to motivate participants through positive actions and a positive mindset, and will be supported with practical advice on how to secure training and employment opportunities, or how to explore self-employment. For those participants wishing to participate in online training, we are able to provide Lenovo tablets with free data SIMs to support training needs.

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